Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Father of the Bride Woes

No surprise, I am a big fan of the Weddingbee message boards – they are chock full of interesting tidbits and provide a truly helpful network of readers. I recently caught a post where a reader shared her FATHER’S new blog that he recently started in order to document his own perspective during his daughter’s wedding planning process. The title of the blog is called, “Poor Wedding Dad”. No fancy-schmancy layout, no pretty pictures, this is the most basic of basic-looking blogs. And yet…


OMG, I really hope this dad continues to update, because this is definitely an untapped blog market! And it really works because he is such a witty writer. Check it out and show this dad some love!



midwestelle said...

Thanks for posting this-the blog is great!

Best Wishes

MidwestElle @ iowabride.blogspot.com

august15bride said...

Awww...my dad will be so happy. Thanks for sharing his blog!

Lloyd said...

Thanks for looking AND for featuring my blog.
(My daughter had to let me know you had posted the "feature.")
Maybe somebody can teach me how to get past the "most basic of basic" look.
I was proud that I had changed my background color! :)

citizenbride said...

Aw!!! What a super cute Dad!