Monday, June 22, 2009

At Last: Custom Shoes by Nina

Believe it or not, when I planned my own wedding, I spent more time trying to find “THE SHOES” than “THE DRESS”! Odd as it may sound, I know I am definitely not the only bride who had a hard time finding the perfect pair of heels for my trip down the aisle. I lusted after some Manolos, Jimmy Choos, or Louboutins, but knew that realistically, they were not in the budget!

These are the Nina heels that I ended up wearing (from DSW)… I think they were the 4th or 5th pair I purchased (and returned) on my shoe quest. They were nice, but I definitely “settled” because I couldn’t find what I was looking for. And not to mention, slingbacks always tend to slide off my heel and I end up stepping on the straps…

RedWedding Shoes

Now if only Nina offered custom shoes back then!! I might have paid the $200 price tag for the perfect pair of shoes… Visit the Nina website and have some fun!

They currently offer 3 styles, and your choice of heel height and multiple color combinations:

image Electra


image Culver


You can choose your color in 3 different areas: upper, heel and bow:


And considering how hard it is to determine actual colors on your computer monitor, it would definitely be wise to order their mini swatch book for $9.95, which is applied to your order later on if you decide to buy them.


What combination would I pick now? I would choose the Electra with the 3.25” heel in gold royal satin with a red rouge satin bow!



What combination would you pick??

Visit the Nina site to design your custom shoes!