Monday, June 1, 2009

Inspiration Board How-To

Have you ever wondered how people put together those awesome inspiration boards that you see ALL OVER the internet, and yet, you literally have no idea how to create one yourself? (I admit, I didn’t know either!)

Well here’s an easy-peasy way that requires NO knowledge of Photoshop or any other graphics program:

Helloooo MosaicMaker!

You can link images from other sites, or you can upload your own images (you need to register to upload, but it’s easy and free!). You can even order your end collage as prints. They give you a variety of layouts to choose from, such as:

Square Tiles

Thin vertical frames

4 x 4 with large center

I decided to have some fun with images from my own wedding… Images all courtesy of the awesome, Dennis Lee!

Ahh, the memories…

BC Wedding collage

What do YOU use to create your inspiration boards? I’d love to hear about some more (easy) options!


d* said...

oh cool!
I always wondered how ppl do that.
thanks Charlene!

citizenbride said...

Thank you, Charlene for posting this! I'm also in the wedding industry and love blogging, but not a techie either! :) I think your blog is fabulous and I'd love to add you to my blogroll once I get the hang of this.