Monday, July 20, 2009

If I Could Do It Again: The Color Scheme

My apologies, I didn’t mean to abandon my “If I Could Do It Again” series… it was just a temporary pause, I promise! In case you missed it - If I Could Do It Again - here is my dream venue and my dream photographer(s).

Now where was I…? The color scheme - a super important decision for sure! I am absolutely SMITTEN with aubergine aka “eggplant”, not to be mistaken with a royal purple-y/grape! I would pair the aubergine with small accents of fuchsia, large splashes of marigold yellow, lots of moss green and with gray serving as my “neutral.”


If you are looking for a cool site to help you pull together color palettes like the one above, check out  Click on Palettes –> Create New, and then have some fun!

What is your color scheme… or if you are married like myself, what would you choose now?

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